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When I reflect on my own personal journey, I often come to the realization that I should not be here. As a product of a working poor family; a former juvenile offender; and the son of a disabled mother and grandmother who raised me; my life could have been very different. Because of a family that worked hard, an education that showed me I could be more than my mistakes, and a great deal of luck and privilege; I achieved an unlikely journey.


This lived experience has inspired in me a passion for doing work that matters, and has led me to devote my life to creating and improving systems that make prosperous life trajectories accessible and possible for all people regardless of where they come from or what they look like. 

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About Dustin



Dustin grew up in an impoverished area of Central Florida, where life trajectories and dreams for many don’t venture far from the struggles of drug addiction, violence, and poverty. His mother and grandmother were disabled for the majority of his life, his family often struggled to provide for their own basic needs, and he experienced his first contact with the criminal justice system at the age of 12.


Dustin was lucky enough to have a family who emphasized the importance of education and encouraged him to be better than his surroundings. Through hard work, focus, and a great deal of privilege, he was not shackled by these challenges, and achieved an improbable life trajectory.

He became the first person in his family to graduate from high school, and attended Florida State University (FSU) where he served as Student Body President. He went on to complete his Graduate work at the London School of Economics and the Broad Center for Urban Education. 


Dustin Daniels is now a leader in strategy management, operations, and public affairs that has worked in senior roles in government, education, business, and the non-profit sector in over 10 countries.


Dustin has previously served in positions such as chief of staff and director of intergovernmental affairs for the City of Tallahassee FL, and as Head of Strategy for Hillsborough County Public Schools (7th Largest School District in the Nation). He has also coached and trained business executives, political candidates, senior education system leaders, and elected officials at all levels of government.


Dustin has also served as a teaching faculty member at Florida State University’s College of Social Science and Public Policy, designing and teaching coursework related to interdisciplinary social policy and international economics.


From the values and gratitude forged by his life circumstances, Dustin remains passionate about advancing meaningful change in the lives of people, regardless of their site or situation. From equipping young elected leaders with innovative policy ideas; reimagining systems to rapidly improve vulnerable and underperforming K12 schools; helping small non-profits to achieve financial sustainability; to advancing business development and training programs for start-ups and business executives; Dustin leverages his diverse and powerful experiences to create and scale impact with those he works with. 

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