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"If thou are not versed in the business of adventures...get thee aside and pray....whilst I engage these giants in combat."

- Don Quixote de la Mancha

We are a multifaceted consulting firm focused on strategy management, impact assessment, communication, public affairs, and integrated marketing. 


We help mission-driven businesses, non-profits, and political campaigns to win in the 21st Century by mastering cutting edge strategies, and by building new ones. And we help leaders and organizations to stop fighting with imaginary giants, and begin to win against the real ones.  

Our services focus on:

  • Public Affairs, intergovernmental advocacy, and community engagement. 

  • Strategic planning and performance management.

  • Targeted social media marketing strategies and SEO

  •  Inbound, creative, and content marketing

  • Branding, messaging, and media engagement

  • Copywriting, grant-writing, and digital content development

  • Client/constituency/issue market research, including new customer persona development.

We've worked with authors, actors, musicians, influencers, small businesses, political leaders, and non-profit initiatives. We focus on helping those creating and scaling social impact, and creating long-term relationships in the process.

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